Günter Biggel
  born at   14.02.57
  1972   Glass technical school of Zwiesel
  1975   Trade test for glass fine grinding
  1978   Educational journey to Africa
  1979   Education to plate glass grinder and artglazier
      Fa.Maitingen Ltd. Munich
  1992-94   Plate glass grinder, furniture construction of glass and sandblasting technique Fa.Deubel GmbH Munich
  1995   Educational journey to Africa and Asia
  1996-98   Studies to glass design, Glass technical school of Zwiesel
Since 1998   Self-employed artist and glass designer
  2000   Organisation and implementation of the international art exhibit 2000 at museum of glass Frauenau
  1998   Foundation award of Danner
  Tradeshows and exhibition:
Since 1996   Woodpecker of Zwiesel, House of art in Munich
  1997   HWM Munich, Nuremberg, Ambiente Erfurt
  1997   Days of glass in Zwiesel, Museum Theuern
  1998   International art exhibit, Nancy France
Since 1999   Art mile of Zwiesel
Since 2000   Member of the national association of visual artists
  2000   International exhibit of glass art at the Museum of glass in Frauenau, Workshop exhibition in Zwiesel
Since 2000   International exhibit of glass art in the culture factory of Passau
Since 2001   Exhibition at the „Haus des Gastes“ in Zwiesel, Passau
Since 2002   International exhibit of glass art in Salzburg
Since 2004   Art fair in Salzburg, Zurich
  2004   Published in the manual of Kürschner of visual artist, K.G.Saur publishing house Ltd. Munich-Leipzig
Since 2012   Art daily of Berlin